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Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2009

Archival pigment print


30 x 30 cm


Over the history of more than 3000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has be-wildered many but has also benefitted countless. An integral part of our life, it is also a symbol of our culture and tradition.


Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, ‘TCM’ is a series that explores the form of ‘exotic’ creatures dried and preserved for medicinal purposes. “I am deeply attracted by their extraordinary surface texture, the force that exudes from their amazing forms.” Removed from their glass coffins, the subjects are given a new lease of life. On the pink wrapping paper use in Chinese medical halls the creatures lay, their beautiful contours, geometric lines, skeletal structure and intricate texture glorified.


*This series is dedicated to my late grandfather, whose medical hall I spent my childhood years, providing the original source of inspiration.

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